One of the most important aspects of practically every wedding is the photographs that capture the wedding day. Brides and grooms alike want everything to be picture-perfect, including their smile. It might be too late for braces to change your smile, but there are many treatment options provided by your periodontist in Racine, WI that can enhance your teeth for that special day to give you the memories that you will be proud to display for generations to come.  

Types of Procedures to Consider Before the Wedding  

With technological advances in dentistry, many procedures that used to take two or three visits over a month now can be completed in just one visit, with a follow-up to ensure fit and healing. You should allow a few days for your mouth to recover after any procedure. With laser gum surgery, there are no stitches or cutting into the gums, but the tissue in your mouth can be sensitive for a few days following the procedure. You will have to discuss your needs with your periodontist in Racine, WI to determine which options are right for you and your timeline. We offer many restoration services:  

 ·         LANAP®
 ·         Periodontal maintenance
 ·         Scaling and root planing
 ·         All-on-4™ dental implants
 ·         Bone grafting
 ·         Gum grafting
 ·         Ridge augmentation and preservation
 ·         Tooth extraction
 ·         Functional crown lengthening
 ·         Esthetic crown lengthening
 ·         Allograft tissue grafting
 ·         Guided tissue regeneration
 ·         Oral cancer screening  

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With newer technologies, you can recover much quicker from today’s dental procedures, but that does not mean you should put off your appointment. Call (262)510-0414 to make an appointment with Dr. Hutton to discuss your treatment options to match your goals and objectives for your wedding. We want to help you look your best for that special day and help you maintain your smile for the rest of your life. Take steps to take care of your teeth and gums.