Oral cancer in Racine, WI is a serious problem, but if it can be detected early on, treatment is possible. While this devastating disease can happen to anyone, certain risk factors can make this disease more likely to develop. If you fall within any of these categories or participate in these activities, you should take a more proactive approach to your oral health.

Tobacco Use

Tobacco causes numerous health complications throughout the body, and oral cancer can be one of them. People who chew or smoke tobacco face significant health risks. Steps should be taken to quit the habit because those who smoke are nearly six times more likely to have mouth cancer than those who do not.

Heavy Alcohol Use

Drinking a beer or glass of wine every so often will not cause severe damage. However, if you excessively consume alcohol, then you face a greater likelihood of developing oral cancer, among other health problems. Similarly to tobacco, heavy drinkers are six times more likely to develop the disease.

A Family History of Oral Cancer

If a family member has struggled with oral cancer, then you are more likely to develop this disease. This does not necessarily mean that you are absolutely going to have oral cancer, but it does mean you should have regular screenings to be safe.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Certain strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) can increase a person’s risk of oral cancer. Talk to your doctor about what precautions should be taken if you have HPV.

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