A great smile can be a huge confidence booster. It’s no wonder that so many people turn to periodontists like Dr. Chris Hutton for crown lengthening in Racine, WI. You can either have a functional or esthetic crown lengthening. You need to know the difference between the two and why patients turn to this type of procedure.

Gummy Smile

Patients who have a gummy smile, broken or damaged teeth or tooth decay can turn to crown lengthening to improve their smile. Sometimes you may have to undergo this procedure before you can have your tooth restored. Both procedures, while a little different, do the same thing. Dr. Hutton will expose a greater amount of your tooth structure by changing the contour of your gums. Not all patients are a good fit for this type of procedure, so you should be sure to go through a consultation phase before you get too invested.


This crown lengthening option sometimes referred to as gum contouring, is typically used to prepare a patient’s teeth for other cosmetic or restorative procedures, such as dental implants, crowns or bridges. Dr. Hutton will reshape the gums, so there is more room for a top quality restoration. This procedure requires:

• Local anesthesia
• Stitches
• Saline water or antibiotics
• A six to eight week healing period


Similar to the functional procedure, the esthetic crown lengthening, sometimes referred to as gum reduction surgery, changes the shape of the gums. However, this type of procedure is normally strictly cosmetic. This is the procedure you would turn to if you have a gummy smile. Esthetic crown lengthening requires:

• Local anesthesia
• Occasional removal of small amounts of bone tissue
• Protective bandage to promote healing
• A two-week follow up appointment

Get the Smile You Want

No matter the reason for crown lengthening in Racine, WI, Dr. Hutton can help. Call today to find out if you are a good candidate for either of these procedures. You can schedule your consultation with Dr. Hutton by calling 262-510-0414.