Although there are many factors that determine why people try cigarettes and subsequently get hooked on them, peer pressure and experimentation often play a role. A person might feel compelled to start smoking because others around them are. Interestingly enough, smoking can also cause an individual’s self esteem to plummet.

There are several possible reasons for this unintended outcome:

•Smoking can result in yellowed teeth.
•A person who smokes frequently may struggle with bad breath.
•Smokers are more likely to develop gum disease, which may cause teeth to fall out or gums to recede.

The third issue on the list can be evaluated and treated by our periodontist in Racine and Burlington, WI. If gum problems and missing teeth are making you avoid showing your smile, schedule a consultation with Dr. Chris Hutton. 

New Year, New Smile

A new year is the ideal time to be proactive and think about what kinds of improvements you would like to make to feel better about yourself. Get started by finding out how our office might be instrumental in boosting your confidence.

During a consultation, Dr. Hutton can explain how giving up cigarettes could benefit your life in ways you had not even thought of. Research shows smokers are more likely to experience trouble sleeping, develop hearing loss and have weaker bones than people who do not smoke. If you have developed any periodontal issues, such as gum disease or tooth loss due to smoking, Dr. Hutton can also provide a host of treatment options at this time.

The choice to quit smoking is ultimately yours alone. However, Dr. Hutton and his team could be an excellent oral care resource during your journey towards a smoke-free life. To schedule your consultation, call (262) 510-0414 to reach the Racine office or dial (262) 510-0381 to speak with someone at the Burlington facility.